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Geiko's Ozashiki and Sake

A real Ozashiki party at an ochaya in Nishi Chaya District

An ozashiki party is what geiko offer to their clients, who are the special group of people with a permission to enter an ochaya. The ozashiki party is usually held as an after party, to enjoy drinks with nibbles, conversations, performances and traditional games. ART of GEISHA introduces you to an ochaya to gain access to the traditional entertainment that wealthy merchants and townspeople enjoyed in the olden days, and that people in the modern time are still fond of. Recommended to those who are interested in the traditional culture and drinking sake.

Please send us a reservation request 60 days or more in advance.


Price (incl. 10% tax)

From JPY 140,000 / 2 people


6 people

Time / duration

From 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm / 120 minutes 

Included in the price

・Ozashiki (performances, traditional games)・2 Geiko (one tachikata, one jikata)・Nibbles and

a selection of a few varieties of local sakePhotos with Geiko ・An interpreter (English)


One of the five ochayas in Nishi Chaya District

An address and a name of an ochaya will be informed after a booking has been confirmed.

Payment terms and cancellation policy

Geiko's Ozashiki and Sake  Booking \ Enquiry

Please make your booking 60 days or more in advance.

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