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Kanazawa Geisha

Geisha in Higashi Chaya Disirtc

Kanazawa is a town that has inherited traditional crafts and arts from the feudal domain period, and where traditions still live on in the daily life. The Geisha district culture has a long history and is said to have been officially established in 1820, during the reign of the 12th lord of the domain: Maeda Narinaga. The buildings in the teahouse districts have remained from that time because the city was not affected by the wars or fires. Since this time, Kanazawa Geisha have honed their art and inherited the spirit of hospitality along with the history of Kanazawa.

Even today, in the three Geisha districts of Higashi, Nishi and Kazue-machi, Kanazawa Geisha continue to carry on this tradition through rigorous training on a daily basis. 

Frequently Asked
About Geisha

Q. Will I be able to see a Geisha performance anytime in Kanazawa?

A. Unfortunately, the answer is no. Geisha performances and their hospitality are usually exclusively available at teahouses where no first time visitors are allowed. We recommend you book our events well in advance in order not to miss an opportunity to experience their precious hospitality.

Q. Why is there a "no-first-time-visitor" policy?

A. In the old days, teahouses were social places where wealthy merchants and townspeople were entertained by Geisha and no samurai were allowed to enter, meaning that only selected people were able to visit the places. Customers and teahouses had a relationship based on trust and that custom has still been kept today.

Q. What is their day-to-day life like?

A. They practice their dancing, singing, musical instruments everyday. They go to a Kenban, which is a Geisha office, to attend practices from the morning. In the afternoon, they get themselves ready for their Ozashiki party at a teahouse.

Q. How many Geisha are there in Kanazawa

Currently there are 35 Geisha in total.

Q. I have more questions!

A. You might get a chance to speak with Geisha and personally ask them questions at our events. Come join us!

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