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About Geisha in Kanazawa

Kanazawa is a city that has inherited traditional crafts and performing arts from the feudal domain period, and it is where traditions, including Geisha, still live on in the daily life.

In Kanazawa, locals refer to Geisha as Geiko or more frequently, Geiko-san.


The Geisha district culture has a long history and the official district layout was established in 1820, during the reign of the 12th lord of the domain: Maeda Narinaga. For a long time, the city has remained untouched by the damage of wars and natural disasters, making it possible for the city to preserve its historical treasures including the three Chaya-gai ( teahouse districts ) with the traditional ochaya (teahouse) architectures.  Kanazawa is a rare city in Japan to preserve the traditional Chaya-gai and Geiko culture that are still active in the modern time.

Today, in the three Chaya-gai of Higashi, Nishi and Kazue-machi, Geiko in Kanazawa continue to refine their artistic abilities while transmitting a wealth of the traditional cultures to future generations.

Being a Geiko is a dedicated job, and Geiko-san are all professional performing artists.

Kanazawa attracts young women from other parts of Japan, who choose to become a Geiko, a talented traditional performing artist. 

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