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Kanazawa is a city that has inherited many traditional cultures from the feudal domain period. Art of Geisha is based in Kanazawa, Ishikawa prefecture in Japan and we organise events for international tourists visiting the castle city to experience the traditional performing arts and traditional cultures rooted in Kanazawa, such as Geisha and Tea Ceremony.


Hospitality of Geisha can usually be received exclusively at teahouses where no first-time visitors are allowed. Without an introduction by their regular customers, it is extremely difficult for both international and domestic tourists to get an opportunity to appreciate it. This is why we provide those who visit the city with events to experience beautiful, elegant acts of Kanazawa Geisha, the tradition that should be carried on to the future.


We would love for all of you to become a little familiar with the wonderful traditional cultures during your stay in Kanazawa.

About Art of Geisha
in Kanazawa

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