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Kanazawa Geisha
Ozashiki & Teahouse Tour

Event Overview

March 20, 27 / April 3, 4, 17



Time / Duration:

13:30 pm to 15:00 pm (Door opens at 13:20) / 90 minutes

Ticket price: 

JPY 14,000


Teahouse Mine in Nishi Chaya District

(address: 2-24-2 Nomachi Kanazawa Ishikawa)


12 people

This event is organised by Machi-ya Kanazawa Kikuno-ya


(1) Tickets are non-refundable. 

(2) Children aged 6 years old or under cannot participate the event.

(3) You are asked to sit on tatami floors during the event.

(4) The Geisha performance takes place on the 2nd floor. Only stairs available.


A rare opportunity to have a peak inside a real, active teahouse located in Nishi Chaya District. 

This Geisha Teahouse Tour led by 2 Geisha in Nishi Chaya District lets you explore the inside of Teahouse Mi-Ne, learn about the Geisha culture, and appreciate their hospitality including dances, taiko drums and fun games.




Arrival at a venue

Door opens at 13:15 at Teahouse Mi-Ne, one of the 5 teahouses in Nishi Chaya District.



Geisha dance and taiko drums

You will enjoy their performances of dancing, singing, and Japanese traditional musical instruments in a setting just like the regular Ozashiki nighttime parties.



Teahouse tour

2 Geisha at Teahouse Mi-Ne shows you their 

Teahouse interior in detail.



Geisha and her belongings

Ever wanted to find out what their kimonos are like, what they carry in their bags and about their makeup/hair?  The Geisha will tell you all about it!



Taiko drumming experience

Geisha will teach you how to play the Ozashiki taiko drums - a unique set of small and large drums unique to Kanazawa.


Take a memorable photo 

At the end of the event, take a memorable 

photo with the geisha.


Feedback from our guests

It excided my expectations, I was part of experience in Kyoto and this one surpassed my expectations. It was a personal, educational and very warm and honest! Thank you! - Lithuania

Enjoyed, the Geisha were very friendly. - Australia

It was a bit crowded and was hard to see around so many people in the small rooms. - USA

I loved the event, the translator was a wonderful host and translated everything well. The Geikos were very friendly and I'm greatful for the rare opportunity to visit a real tea house and be able to ask questions to the Geikos and see their performances up close. - Germany

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