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Q. Will I be able to see a Geisha performance anytime in Kanazawa?

A. Unfortunately, the answer is no. Geisha performances and their hospitality are usually exclusively available at teahouses where no first time visitors are allowed.

We recommend you book our events well in advance in order not to miss an opportunity to experience their precious hospitality and performances.

Q. What should I wear when I attend an event?

A. To show respect to Geisha and a venue, your attire should not be too casual, such as a T-shirt and jeans.

Q. It's really hot today. Can I enter a venue with bare feet?

A. Entering a venue with bare feet is a big no-no. Our venues are usually traditional buildings with tatami mat floors, which should not be stepped on with bear feet.

Please make sure you have your socks on.

Q. Can I take photos and movies of Geisha during the event?

A. It is allowed to take photos and share them on social media channels. It is, however, prohibited to take movies of Geisha during their performance.

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