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Special Events Associated with

KOGEI Art Fair Kanazawa December 2023

The Only Art Fair in Japan Specializing in Crafts "KOGEI".


The KOGEI Art Fair Kanazawa is Japan’s only art fair devoted exclusively to crafts. Held annually since 2017 in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture,

this remarkable event exudes the captivating essence of “KOGEI”—Japanese crafts. Kanazawa, a city steeped in diverse cultural traditions such as tea ceremonies, Zen, and Noh theater, seamlessly weaves these artistic expressions into everyday life. Bringing together approximately 40 galleries from Japan and abroad, the fair exhibits and sells the exceptional creations of nearly 200 artists, ranging from promising young talents to internationally acclaimed artisans. The fair displays these works in hotel rooms to allow visitors to appreciate their highly artistic and creative pieces in a setting close to daily life, fostering a platform for new connections and interactions between artists, gallerists, and visitors.

There are five special events associated with KOGEI Art Fair Kanazawa 2023. The below is the list of the special events that anyone can attend by 

booking tickets on their website. 

To see more details of the below event and to purchase your tickets, please click the button below to visit the official website.


KOGEI Art Fair Kanazawa 2023

The 7th KOGEI Art Fair Kanazawa 2023 revolves around the captivating theme, “KOGEI for you, here & now,” uniting crafts that deserve public attention and acquisition in the present moment. 

The guests of the participating travel agencies will enjoy exclusive

first-view entry.


Venue: Hyatt Centric Kanazawa (2F, 5F, 6F)


December 1 (Fri):  13:00—19:00   First-View (Invitation Only)

December 2 (Sat):  11:00—19:00   Open to the General Public

December 3 (Sun): 11:00—18:00  Open to the General Public

Special Tea Ceremony at
Hyatt Centric Kanazawa

Encounter Traditions and Contemporary Crafts: the World of Japanese Tea Ceremony

Sokyu Nara, a distinguished Japanese tea master, graciously hosts tea ceremonies. Nara is known for his unwavering dedication to the Japanese tea ceremony and for sharing its beauty with the world. As the host, he extends a warm welcome to guests at the KOGEI Art Fair Kanazawa 2023. Additionally, the venue will showcase the small tearoom meticulously planned by interior designer Shigeru Uchida. This tearoom is part of the esteemed collection of the National Crafts Museum. Prepare to be captivated by the enchanting world of the tea ceremony in Kanazawa.


Venue : Hyatt Centric Kanazawa 


December 2 (Sat)  - 4 sessions between 12:00-18:00

]December 3 (Sun) - 4 sessions between 12:00-17:15  


Special Tea Ceremony at
Kitaro Nishida Museum of Philosophy

Contemporary Tea Ceremony Fusing Tadao Ando’s Architectural Space and Nishida’s Philosophy

Designed by Tadao Ando, the serene and grand concrete architecture of the Kitaro Nishida Museum of Philosophy will be exclusively opened at night for this special occasion to host a tea ceremony using teaware crafted by contemporary artisans from the esteemed collection of the National Crafts Museum. In the foyer, there is a mobile 4.5-tatami tearoom produced by Rokkaku-ya. The tea ceremony provides a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the philosophy of Kitaro Nishida, while being stirred by subtle, sense-awakening sounds and light.


Venue : Kitaro Nishida Museum of Philosophy

Date : December 3 (Sun)  18:00-20:00

Special Tea Ceremony at
Old Nakamura House

The world of Kanazawa and the tea ceremony, guided by a master of the tea ceremony taught directly by the master


Kanazawa’s traditional tea ceremony is organized by a renowned Kanazawa tea master. He is the proprietor of a well-established lacquerware shop that has operated for over 240 years, offering exquisite Kanazawa lacquerware and the intricate art of makie

(Japanese lacquer art). The tea ceremony will take place at Old Nakamura House, the historic residence of a sake brewer in Kanazawa. 

This revered individual, who was also a renowned tea master and collector of tea utensils, relocated the house to its current location. 

The tea ceremony will showcase an exquisite blend of tea utensils, including pieces crafted by contemporary artisans from the National Crafts Museum’s collection, along with valuable antique tea utensils that are typically not accessible to the public.


Venue : Old Nakamura House

Date : December 1 (Fri)  12:00-15:00


Artist's Studio Visit
Yoca Muta

Step into the World of Ceramic Artist Yoca Muta’s Transcendental Techniques


Yoca Muta is a highly skilled Kutani ware artist renowned for her exceptional hand-building pottery technique. Her pieces are a mesmerizing fusion of colors, skillfully crafted to create an illusion akin to three-dimensional paintings or hand-painted ukiyo-e, earning tremendous admiration from collectors worldwide. 

Participants will visit Muta’s brand new studio in Nomi City, which is conveniently located near Kanazawa. During the visit, participants will witness the process of overglaze enamel painting as she demonstrates her transcendental techniques and see her exquisite artworks up close. Moreover, they will have the privilege of hearing Muta’s personal insights into art and craft.


Location : Yoca Mut Studio in Nomi, Ishikawaa

Dates: December 2 (Sat) 14:00-16:00

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