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Geiko and Cha-no-yu 

An elegant afternoon immersed in the Kanazawa traditions

At a beautiful traditional Kanazawa townhouse located in Kazue-machi teahouse district, we offer a cultural experience of a tea ceremony led by a tea master and a graceful Geiko performance. This afternoon plan is a perfect way to enrich your stay in Kanazawa as it will be a great opportunity for you to learn about three important Kanazawa cultures - Tea ceremony, Geiko and townhouse. 

Please send us a reservation request 60 days or more in advance.


Price (incl. 10% tax)

From JPY 180,000 / 2 people


6 people

Time / duration

From 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm / 90 minutes 

Included in the price

・Private booking of the venue, Kikuno-ya    ・2 Geiko (one tachikata, one jikata)

・Geiko performance (dances and taiko drums) ・Japanese taiko drumming experience with Geiko

 ・Tea ceremony led by a tea master​  ・Matcha tea whisking experience​  ・Japanese confectionary called Jo-nama-gashi

Photos with Geiko and tea master ・After talk  ・A host/interpreter (English)


Machi-ya Kanazawa Kikuno-ya

Address: 3-22 Kazue-machi, Kanazawa

Kikuno-ya is a traditional Kanazawa townhouse located in Kazue-machi Chaya District, and is normally used as a private accommodation. If you wish to also stay at Kikuno-ya, please contact us or book your stay through their official website.

Payment terms and cancellation policy

Geiko and Cha-no-yu  Booking \ Enquiry

Please make your booking 60 days or more in advance.

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